When is the best time to book maternity photography?

February 27, 2024


Pregnancy is a miraculous journey, and a maternity photoshoot is a beautiful way to celebrate and honor the incredible changes happening within you. While every stage of pregnancy holds its own magic, there’s a sweet spot between 28 to 33 weeks which is ideal for your photo session.
Here’s some reasons why from my perspective as a Sydney maternity photographer:

Glowing Radiance: Around the 28th to 33th week, many women experience a peak in their pregnancy glow. Your skin is radiant, your belly has a beautiful roundness, and you’re embracing the fullness of motherhood.

Comfort Zone: At this stage, you’re likely feeling comfortable and confident in your changing body. You can move freely and pose naturally, ensuring stunning photos. Towards the later weeks of your pregnancy you may experience more discomfort and may feel more tired.

Your Beautiful Baby Bump: Your baby bump is at its most prominent during this time, making it the focal point of your maternity shoot.

Timing is Key: Scheduling your session between 28 to 33 weeks minimizes the risk of unexpected early arrivals or discomfort from late-term pregnancy symptoms. It’s a perfect time where you’re glowing and feeling your best.

Celebrate Motherhood: Capture your pregnancy glow as you navigate this beautiful journey at a stage when you are so close to meeting your new baby. Maternity photos are special not only for you; they’re also treasures for your future child. Imagine sharing these images with them and reminiscing about the anticipation and excitement before they arrived. Sydney Maternity Photographer Sarah Vassallo specialises in documenting this special time for you and your family.

Explore our portfolio to view the beautiful images we can create to document your pregnancy and the start of your baby’s story – www.sarahvassallo.com.au/maternity

For more information and to book your maternity photos, contact us here.

Blonde woman smiling to herself softly while holding her pregnant belly gently as photographed by Sydney Maternity Photographer Sarah Vassallo

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