An intimate maternity session in our Sutherland Shire studio

May 28, 2024


Close up of pregnant mother's hand gently resting on her belly photographed in Sarah Vassallo Photography studio

Have you been considering maternity photos but not sure what type of session you might like?

I wanted to share the images below to give you a glimpse of what we can create in the studio, along with information about what an intimate maternity session entails.

Pregnancy is a breathtaking journey, and one of my very favourite phases of motherhood to photograph. It is the very start of a couple becoming a family, or a family expanding, a season of life that deserves to be celebrated and cherished. It’s also the very first photographs of you and your baby – for you that is special, but also special to your child. To know that was them inside your belly in the images is something that they will cherish when they are older.

Maternity photos document your baby bump and the glow of pregnancy – a reflection of your journey to motherhood and the anticipation of new life. There is something so magical about how our bodies transform to nurture and protect our growing baby, and there is a quiet beauty within the connection between mother and baby, before you have even met. With a keen eye for light, design and composition, I create stunning images that highlight the beauty and grace of your pregnancy.

black and white image of pregnant woman wearing black silk robe open with belly showing photographed in Sydney photography studio

Pregnant mother looking down at her belly while leaning on wall in white studio in Sutherland Shire Sydney

What is an intimate maternity session?

An intimate maternity session starts with creating the space for the moments to unfold, ensuring you feel comfortable and radiant throughout your session. I create a calming environment where you can be yourself, allowing your natural beauty and emotions to shine through. The studio is a private and relaxing space for you to take time to breathe and celebrate your body as it grows and changes.

The studio lends itself perfectly for natural and authentic images of your pregnancy, through the use of light and shadow, draping of materials, and the new curves of your baby bump. These sessions can be done on your own, or you can choose to include your partner. My focus is on the curves of pregnancy, and the bond between you and baby, captured in my signature minimalist style.

What to wear for your studio maternity photo session?

I provide a carefully curated studio wardrobe featuring a range of exquisite gowns, robes, and flowing fabrics designed to beautifully accentuate your baby bump and boost your confidence. My favorites include silk, chiffon, and lace robes, slips and dresses, form-fitting jersey knit dresses, cozy chunky wool knits, and crisp, open button-down shirts.

Since these photos are for you, I encourage you to consider including some bare skin shots or wearing a pretty undergarment set to truly capture your new silhouette. All of my clients appreciate having these intimate images, as this stage of pregnancy is so fleeting.

Black and white image closeup of pregnant woman lying on her side with her hand placed gently on her belly as photographed by Sydney maternity photographer Sarah Vassallo

Closeup image of pregnant woman sitting in white silk dress holding her belly as photographed by Sutherland Shire maternity photographer Sarah Vassallo

Black and white image of pregnant woman wearing open kimono and looking down at her belly as photographed by Sydney maternity photographer Sarah Vassallo

Session Locations

While the studio offers a calm and private setting for capturing authentic and natural photographs of your pregnancy, outdoor maternity sessions at the beach and in bushland are equally stunning. I especially love photographing at our beautiful Cronulla and Sydney beaches.

However, as we move into the cooler months with their rainy and windy days, many of my clients opt for a studio session. We can still be fortunate enough to have warm winter days, so the choice between a studio or an outdoor sunset session comes down to personal preference. Ultimately, the focus is on you and your baby bump, so I recommend choosing the setting where you’ll feel most comfortable.

black and white image of pregnant mother walking in white studio holding her belly gently, with artistic blur to the image, as photographed by Sydney maternity photographer Sarah Vassallo

Pregnancy is fleeting, and the window of time to capture these images is short (read more here about the ideal stage to plan your maternity photos).

If you’ve been considering a maternity session, but have some questions about my process or not sure about what session type is right for you, please get in touch with me. Every session is customised to each of my clients, and part of our planning process is selecting a location and the type of images resinate for you. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your exquisite prints, I am dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience that is as memorable as the photographs themselves.

Explore my portfolio to view the beautiful images we can create to document your pregnancy and the start of your baby’s story –

For more information and to book your maternity photos, contact me here.

About Sarah

Sarah Vassallo is a natural light maternity photographer based in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney, known for her modern minimalist style and dedication to creating beautiful, timeless images.

Black and white image of Sarah, photographer at Sarah Vassallo Photography studio

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